Year: 2021
Client: TXPC
It is a motion logo for 72 TRANSFORMATIONS, a newly established cultural and creative platform in 2020, which is focused on original creative movie derivatives, branded and presented by TXPC, Shanghai Film Co., LTD. The brand name, 72 TRANSFORMATIONS, is the magic skill of the Monkey King, is taken from the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West. The slogan of ‘The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same’ forms the foundation of its brand’s visual identity. Under the fixed laws, the logo is viable and subject to transformation. No matter how it motions, the 72 always remains the same. The law of transformation builds its visual identity.

「72 transformations(72变)」是上影股份旗下天下票仓 2020 年新推出的原创影视文创平台性品牌,希望为整个文创行业带来新兴的力量和美学上的影响。品牌名字来源于《西游记》里齐天大圣的技能「72变」。为了摆脱「72变」在大众心中传统古老的刻板印象,在品牌形象上,选用现代简炼的语言去表达,也更为大胆和前瞻。整个品牌形象以其宗旨「万变不离其宗」为基础。在设定的编辑规则之下,Logo 动态可变,色彩亦动态可变。但不管怎么变,正是这种「变」,构建了品牌在大众眼里的视觉形象。