Chief of Chinese Chives

Year: 2022
Exhibition title: 新春艺术菜市(CN) / Spring Art SuperMarket (EN)
Venue: Nantouguchen, Shangqi Art Center, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, CN
Period: 2022.01.25—2022.03.28

This noun is a homemade Chinese character, which means Chinese Chives. It has different pronunciations in different countries. In China, it’s called jiucai; in Japan, nira; in Korea, buchu; in India, maroinakuppi. Chinese Chives is a plant that can be found everywhere in the Chinese vegetable and food market. Nowadays, it is a metaphor for struggling. Furthermore, the homemade character is dynamic and can be extend unlimitedly, like Chinese Chives, grown up again and again after cut off.

「⺾韭」,是一个自造字,名词。它在不同国家有不同的读音,在中国,读作 「jiucai」;在日本,读作「nira」;在韩国,读作「buchu」;在印度,读作 「maroinakuppi」。它作为一种植物,在菜场里随处可⻅;在当代,又被赋予新的时代 语境,比喻生生不息。这个字具有动态性,可以上下或者左右无限延展。