DER RIESE Screening

Year: 2021
Medium: Digital Print
Dimension: 148*210 mm
Commission: OpenPixels

A poster for a small film screening of DER RIESE, which is a feature-length film composed entirely of security camera footage. The poster is combined the original film poster, event information and a red ball. The red ball, not only likes a projector, but also represents a camera monitor.

为 DER RIESE 线下小型放映活动做的海报。这是一部西德时期用监控摄像头脚本剪辑而成的一部片子。海报将原版海报、活动信息以及一颗红色小球奇妙得结合在一起。这颗红色的小球,即像在放映一部电影,又像是一颗监视器。