Year: 2021
Medium: Digital print
Client: 栏杆外 Pararailing
Photo: Pararailing

Guerrilla War is a residency program organized by and at Pararailing. Every two months, we invite a curator to set up a set of “game rules” for artists-in-residence to follow and create works. We encourage curators to challenge artists to step out of their comfort zones, to go beyond fixed concepts or methodologies in their practices. 2 to 3 artists will share the studio space during the residency period of 14 days, followed by an exhibition.

游击战是“栏杆外”的常规驻地项目。我们将邀请一位策展人设定“游戏规则”,对驻场艺术家 14 天的创作进行限定。我们鼓励策展人在艺术家能力范围内挑战他们的既有创作习惯,使艺术家在局限当中突破往常的自我叙事或方法论。2-3 位艺术家共同驻场创作 14 天并呈现创作过程及成果展览。驻地挑战每两个月进行一期,各期之间的主题规则可以进行联动。