Shān Zé Lǐ

Year: 2023
Client: Shān Zé Lǐ

"Shān Zé Lǐ" is a new contemporary shopping mall situated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, developed by Ān Fàng Group. The poetic name symbolizes the concept of nurturing and enriching all things. The logo is ingeniously crafted to align with four distinct tones in Chinese Pinyin: Yinping (ā), Yangping (é), Shangsheng (ǐ), and Qusheng (à), exemplified by the pronunciation "Shān Zé Lǐ by Ān Fàng." Combined with the architectural design, which seamlessly integrates the graceful and slender exterior façade with the robustness of reinforced concrete, the logo endeavors to establish a modern tranquil sanctuary. It seeks to provide individuals with an opportunity to escape the noise and commotion of daily life, offering a serene space where they can discover inner calm and tranquility.

「山泽里」是浙江安放文旅康养集团旗下打造的坐落于杭州滨江的新型商场,寓意「泽润万物」。LOGO 创意来自于拼音声调巧妙的顺位组合,「山泽里 by 安放(Shān Zé Lǐ by Ān Fàng) 」在读音上刚好契合「阴平(ā)、阳平(é)、上声(ǐ)、去声(à)」四种字调。在 LOGO 设计上则结合建筑物外立面的纤长柔和以及钢筋混凝土的稳重,整体恢宏大气又别具精致与诗意,传递给人一种在日常生活中逃离喧嚣安放宁静的栖息空间之感。